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Aneong hasaeyo!

Welcome to sebin_love, the one and only LiveJournal community for the awesomest guitarist/composer/songwriter/producer of EVE and Nemesis, Ha Sebin. Feel free to join and post random whatnot~ as long as it's Sebin/EVE/Nemesis-related. XD.

Please be nice enough to read the rules, it won't take so much of your time, would it now? :)

Ha Sebin

Name: Ha Sebin
Korean name: 하세빈
Age: 24 years old
Birthdate: 1983.01.10
Bands: EVE and Nemesis
EVE: Co-producer of sEVEnth evening, as well as the composer and songwriter of some songs.
Nemesis: Founder and producer of Nemesis, as well as the lead/rhythm guitarist and pianist for the band. Composed all of the songs for La Rose de Versailles, which was Nemesis' first album.
Hair color: Has done pink, red, blond-white, brown, black, and some with highlights; as of now, has short hair due to evil mandatory military service in South Korea.


1. You must like/love/adore/worship *cough* Sebin.
2. No flaming of any kind; I swear, I shall hunt you down like no one ever in LJ history did. You have been warned. >P
3. If you join, make an introductory post~! Everyone here welcomes a Sebin fan, y'know. XP
4. No x-posting to a hundred thousand communities.
5. Posts must be Sebin/EVE/Nemesis-related, of course.
6. The community, as of now, has no records of fangirl war. Don't start it. >P
8. Type legibly. No horrible sTiCKy cAPz please. >P
9. Spread the Sebin love~! ♥

Stuff and whatnot XP


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